Truck Driver

• Can adhere to all the local traffic laws

Take care of the safety of those who are travelling with him in the vehicle. Ensure that vehicles are kept perfect and/or in good working condition

• Ensure that all items are delivered in good condition to all clients

• Update Logistic Officer regarding their route and encountered problems

• Assists in loading goods on the truck and ensure that they are stacked and secured properly

• Transports goods over long distances; check on cargo at every stop during the long haul

• Performs regular and preventative maintenance on the truck prior to setting off

• Ensures that all documentation pertaining to delivery is in order

• Assist in the unloading of goods and ensures quantity checks

• Ensures that goods are delivered to the right destination

• Obtain delivery confirmations from each customer

• Complete daily maintenance checks on the vehicle and notifies the Admin/HR Officer of any issues.